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23 may 2023

Netcomm Forum: “Future payments with less physical interaction: you can pay by showing biometric data”

Thus the N&TS GROUP general manager, Enrico Febelli, on the sidelines of the Netcomm Forum 2023, the reference event in the field of e-commerce and digital retail on the national and international scene, organized at MICO Milano Fiera Congressi.

11 may 2023

N&TS GROUP  “Made in Italy” excellence in innovative payments

Annalisa Casali of in a conversation with Elena Cossio, CEO of N&TS GROUP, to understand how the Customer Experience is changing (si puo usare anche transforming)  in the payments sector and what are the most innovative trends that are reshaping the market scenario.

02 december 2022

The thousand forms of new payments

From invisible cards to smart POS. At the Salone dei Pagamenti the technology of money transfers, between virtual devices and old systems, is already covered by future innovation. The protagonists of this epochal transition are partaking in a very engaging exchange.

26 october 2022

The strategic partner in digital payments

N&TS GROUP is present in the Il Sole 24 Ore special dedicated to the eminent realities of Digital Transfomation.

13 march 2022

Alipay+ in San Marino thanks to BKN301

Thanks to BKN301, starting from today, San Marino is among the first countries in Europe where it is possible to use Alipay+.

20 january 2022

N&TS and digital payment innovative solutions

Elena Cossio, CEO and Co-founder, N&TS GROUP, said that: “Both the challenge and the value lie in offering companies a solution which can make them digital and smart, thanks to a management that, while guaranteeing complete safety, also provides a simple and appealing user experience for the end user.

25 ottobre 2021

Italian excellence in e-payment services

N&TS GROUP’s vision as a leader in electronic payments / Il Sole 24 ORE National edition “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Excellent Companies”