Financial Institution

The evolution of digital payments is evolving faster and faster: an opportunity for the Finance world to expand its role with new innovative e-payment services in a time-to-market logic.


The global market requires efficient management of systems that are capable of providing modular and scalable services tailored to specific sectors. A comprehensive platform of e-money services is the key to managing complex information from a unified perspective.

Security is an industry imperative: regulation, certification and compliance are the basis of payment solutions that increase consumer confidence and ensure operational excellence.

Riding the digital transformation wave in real time is the biggest challenge for financial institutions, who must commit to:

Being flexible to meet market demands

Reducing launch time of new services

Converging payment channels and methods

Optimizing payment service costs

N&TS GROUP solutions are designed to provide Issuing, Acquiring, Authorization, Backoffice and Fraud Prevention capabilities which can be integrated into the Finance ecosystem, with guided, fast, and targeted migrations.


N&TS GROUP offers a complete suite of modular and flexible payment solutions which allows users to anticipate and respond to the diverse needs of the financial institutions world.


Operational excellence
Reduce the complexity of legacy infrastructure and ensure operational excellence, while meeting increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

Flexibility, scalability, and modularity
Flexibility and agile integration through open APIs, robust product logic, scalability, and modularity in response to the needs of the finance world.

Innovation and time to market improvement
Accelerate innovations and reduce time to market to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Full control of the payment solution
Ability to improve cross selling and up selling thanks to consolidated business data analysis from the different payment services offered.

Deliver a superior payment experience
Real-time customer satisfaction regardless of channel.

Full compliance with security standards and GDPR for data protection throughout the payment process.

Supplementary services

  • Backoffice
    The complete backoffice solution, which offers both merchant and terminal census, including RAC census for Pagobancomat, compliance requests towards acquirers, as well as the KYC function.
    Commission calculation
    A feature that makes it possible to predict the commissions total, check the acquirer calculations and evaluate set routing rules.
    Asset Management POS
    A service dedicated to the management of all POS terminals on the market, which is a focal point ensuring targeted supervision and interventions on the entire chain of in-store payment.
    Reporting & Analytics
    Availability of reports to analyse statistics, profile customers, and monitor performance, KPIs, and user experience. A useful tool for companies, to refine applied solutions, improve the quality of services offered and determine what factors affect market trends.

Overview solution

Security and certifications

There is no innovation without security. N&TS GROUP has chosen to guarantee it at 360 degrees.

Data protection for clients and their users is at the heart of N&TS GROUP’s research and development systems. With this in mind, the certifications obtained in various fields are the most important guarantee of reliability, safety and compliance with global standards. This constant commitment has allowed N&TS GROUP to become protagonists in the digital revolution and to emerge in the markets of reference.

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