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Elena Cossio at the Salone dei Pagamenti: safer payments and more satisfied customers with AI

Bancaforte at the Salone dei Pagamenti interviews the CEO of N&TS GROUP Elena Cossio on one of the strategic themes of this year's edition: Artificial Intelligence.

“On our #AI-based #FraudPrevention systems, #frodi interception has increased from 30% to 80%. An increase that alone clarifies the potential of the #IntelligenzaArtificiale also in the field of security”. The great impact of this technology was underlined by Elena Cossio, CEO of N&TS GROUP, a strategic partner of the main operators in the world of #monetica, in the video interview given to Bancaforte at the #Salone of #Pagamenti 2023.

In risk management, he explains, AI is able to provide a significantly higher level of accuracy than traditional rule-based models.

The double-digit growth of #PagamentiDigitali – continues Cossio – increasingly makes huge amounts of #dati available to artificial intelligence from which to extract useful information to build models, revolutionizing not only #sicurezza but also customer #engagement, two strategic aspects of payments.

In fact, AI offers the possibility of completely transforming the customer experience: “The data collected at the various touch points can be used to personalize promotions and discounts, offering an intuitive and tailor-made payment experience, increasing satisfaction and therefore
loyalty,” says Cossio.

Inside stores, “#phygital“, i.e. the possibility of integrating first-person purchases with digital elements, is making progress. “We also aim to integrate store management more effectively,” adds Cossio, “using digital solutions, not only for logistics optimization, but above all to facilitate payments.”

🎤 Here is the video interview recorded with Elena #Cossio at the Salone dei Pagamenti 2023: