An effective omnichannel strategy allows companies to reach and recognize customers at any stage of the purchase journey and offers a simple and smooth customer experience which can manage multiple channel changes inside the same interaction.


State-of-the-art technology developed in-house
Excellency know-how in the e-money sector at the service of innovative solutions, all entirely developed in-house on JTMS-J TRANSACTION MONITOR SYSTEM®.

Ease of integration
Flexibility and agile integration via open APIs.

Scalability and modularity
Solid product logic, scalability, and modularity to meet each sector’s different needs.

Worldwide ready
One singular solution to accept worldwide payments.

Fraud and chargeback reduction
Monitor every payment to detect and prevent fraud before it affects your business through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.

Savings on merchant fees
Dynamic choice of the best acquirer, based on both economic and business logic.

High conversion thanks to improved UX
The superior quality of a simple, fast, and smooth payment experience to achieve business goals.

Security and certifications
Compliance with international ISO standards and reference regulations ensures efficient processes and utmost care in data management and security.

Functionality overview

A fast and flexible payment platform for an innovative omnichannel experience.

The N&TS GROUP solution delivers an agile payment experience, easily expandable to new channels, methods and schemes, with a singular cash flow management as well as an integrated and promptly adjusted view of multi-channel receipts.

Worldwide Omnichannel

An interoperable global payment acceptance solution which ensures fast and smooth transactions, anywhere and through any method.

Online and In-store

A singular platform to carry out payments on digital channels and in-store.

Omnichannel customer journey

Omnichannel customer journey for an effective and seamless payment experience, easily expandable at any time through new methods, channels, and schemes.

Omnichannel data protection

In an omnichannel experience customers expect to be able to make payments through multiple devices and require that their information be kept safe while switching between devices: ensuring that the company’s reputation is consolidated and its customer retention.

Fraud Prevention omnichannel

ACFS® Fraud Prevention is the solution to ensure a safe and protected shopping experience for customers, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which process real-time data from each channel.

Omnichannel client recognition

A comprehensive view of customers, including purchasing habits, through the omnichannel experience makes it possible to offer personalised services and targeted loyalty campaigns.

All the benefits of a flexible deployment model

Security and certifications

There is no innovation without security. N&TS GROUP has chosen to guarantee it at 360 degrees.

Data protection for clients and their users is at the heart of N&TS GROUP’s research and development systems. With this in mind, the certifications obtained in various fields are the most important guarantee of reliability, safety and compliance with global standards. This constant commitment has allowed N&TS GROUP to become protagonists in the digital revolution and to emerge in the markets of reference.

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