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Invisible Payments and Artificial Intelligence: how the payments experience changes.

Annalisa Casali of interviews Enrico Febelli, CEO of N&TS GROUP, about the technological trends in the sector, between the pervasive diffusion of AI and InvisiblePayment

In the increasingly digital world, the ease and security of transactions have become top priorities. The very concept of payment changes, to become a real #PaymentExperience on the basis of some evidence:

1️⃣ Consumer habits are changing: at the end of the year, card transactions will come close to breaking even with cash transactions. Italians are getting used to the use of electronic payments even for transactions involving small amounts.

2️⃣ Frictionless Experience: The watchword is “frictionless”. New models of identification of the holder of the payment instrument are integrated into the purchase journey, making the experience even more fluid. The evolution of payment channels, such as Android POS, mobile app and QR code, guarantees security and valuable services.

3️⃣ The concept of acceptance is changing: thanks to the spread of new generation “dematerialized” payment services, the very concept of payment acceptance is changing. Solutions such as wearables, facial recognition and connected cars offer new ways to pay that are seamlessly integrated into the shopping experience.

📢 In this video, Enrico Febelli, General Manager of N&TS GROUP, takes stock of the technological trends in the sector, between the pervasive diffusion of #AI and #InvisiblePayment

Payment experience digitale: il futuro dei pagamenti senza device (