About us

N&TS GROUP has been operating in the electronic payments market for over 25 years as a private and independent company. It is recognized as a leading European company in electronic payment software solutions, with a strong commitment to security and compliance within industry standards.  


Vision and Mission

N&TS GROUP offers innovative, modular and flexible solutions that integrate into the payments Ecosystem, contributing to its evolution in the logic of an effective time to market thanks to technology that can foresee and respond to the needs of different markets: Financial Institution, Insurance, Luxury, Petrol, Retail, TelCo&Media, Transport & Smart Mobility, Utilities.
The challenge and the value lies in offering companies a solution that makes them digital and smart, thanks to a management that, in total security, guarantees a simple and captivating user experience for the end user. The digital transformation of electronic payments is not only technology, but a new way of being and thinking that changes the relationship models between companies and their clients, becoming a resource to create value through a loyalty that also encompasses ePayment services.

N&TS GROUP, Italian excellence with an international vision, is the reference partner of the most important financial institutions and enterprise companies for everything related to the digitalization of payments, creating innovation and making constant investments in research and development to provide the market with tools to achieve and maintain high levels of competitive advantage.

N&TS GROUP stands with companies and supports them in creating and improving
their digital transformation and evolution.
What sets us apart from the rest:

Italian excellence with an international vision

Cutting edge technology



Certified security

Top level internal know-how

Flexibility and time to market


1995 > 2022

From 5 to 200 clients




Financial soundness

Based on intermediate information from the provisional or tax accounts of a company.


Risk indicator

Expresses the composite credit assessment and the overall credit assessment of the company, on a scale from 1 to 4.

D&B Awarded Rating 1 to N&TS GROUP   

Dun & Bradstreet Rating is a proprietary measurement system that evaluates the soundness and financial size of a company, along with its composite credit rating. The assessment is based on factors such as business payments, financial information, public documents and resource age.  


The graph provides an overview of N&TS GROUP companies and their relationships. N&TS Holding owns N&TS GROUP SpA for 75% and N&TS Team for 52%. N&TS Team owns 25% of N&TS GROUP SpA: the shareholders of this company are historical employees and top performers of the group.

Diagramma della struttura organizzativa di N&TS Holding che mostra le relazioni e le percentuali di possesso tra la holding, il team N&TS e il N&TS GROUP Italia