Fraud Prevention

In the world of digital payments, it’s essential to offer fraud prevention solutions that guarantee customers complete protection through real-time fraud management and ongoing monitoring of all transactions, thanks to a profiling system, machine learning and advanced analytics, customizable by product, sector, channel and geographic region.


State-of-the-art technology developed in-house
Excellency know-how in the e-money sector at the service of innovative solutions, entirely developed in-house on JTMS-J TRANSACTION MONITOR SYSTEM®.

Ease of integration
Flexibility and agile integration via open APIs.

Scalability and modularity
Solid product logic, scalability, and modularity to meet each sector’s different needs.

Worldwide ready
One singular fraud prevention solution tailored by product, sector, channel, and geographical position.

Safety and certifications
Compliance with international ISO and reference standards ensures efficient processes and utmost care in data management and security.

Advanced fraud identification
Thanks to accurate monitoring, AI algorithms, and the ability to analyze back data, it is possible to configure very precise models and limit intervention and supervision by operators – or the integration of stronger authentication modes – in risky transactions.

Constant updates
It quickly adapts to payer behavior and evolving fraud patterns. Thanks to machine learning, as well as the ability to reconfigure controls and data processing in complete autonomy, it is possible to keep the system up to date in order to properly evaluate and identify new behaviours and potential threats as soon as possible.

Improved payment experience
Fraud management must be tailored to the specific challenges of each business to find a sustainable balance between risk and revenue through fraud identification, prevention, and response.

The solution manages 500 rules, 800 transactions per second, 15 million transactions per day, and an authorization response in less than 300 milliseconds, all simultaneously.

Functionality overview

ACFS® Fraud Prevention solution is meant for both the Financial and Enterprise sectors.
It enables banks, acquirers, processors, and networks to turn fraud prevention into a competitive differentiator with a secure and seamless solution
which exceeds customer expectations and is still able to deliver while facing increasing regulatory demands.
The Enterprise sector needs to reduce fraud and chargebacks while increasing conversion through global, real-time fraud management of omnichannel scenarios.

Prevention Component

It monitors significant transaction volumes and verifies their characteristics in Real Time (RT) to provide an immediate outcome, while identifying any fraud patterns, such as simultaneous use of a card in different or repeated locations and high-value transactions, in a short amount of time and with the same device or application.

Bank Fraud Prevention

The ACFS® Fraud Prevention functionality in the banking realm allows for the monitoring and analysis of emerging instant payments or rather the disposition of online payments with direct debit in bank accounts of the holder, towards individual or third party beneficiaries.

Detection Component

The detection component of ACFS® Fraud Prevention monitors already completed transactions (Near Real Time – NRT) and generates reports for transactions it flags as unusual.

Fraud Management

The fraud management functionality of ACFS® Fraud Prevention provides operators with the tools to take charge of alerts, which can verify transactions and identify them as fraudulent. It also provides backoffice analysis and reporting functions.

Events Component

The event component of ACFS® Fraud Prevention cross-references transactions with non-financial data (login portals or APP, tokenisation, card or IBAN checks, etc.) in real time, to provide an immediate outcome.

Black/White Lists and evolved Clusters

The Black/White List functionality of ACFS® Fraud Prevention can deny or authorize from the outset the transactions associated with data contained in the lists, in an advanced and dynamic way. Furthermore the evolved Clusters functionality, in addition to Black/White List makes it possible to set up rules based on any transaction data, guaranteeing greater flexibility and efficiency.

Rules tests on back data

The ineffective configuration of a rule can lead to failure to identify a fraud or, on the other hand, to flag a legitimate transaction as fraudulent. Therefore, ACFS® Fraud Prevention makes it possible to test both the operation and the effects of the rules on recorded transactions, before activating them on new transactions.


ACFS® Fraud Prevention generates an alert every time a rule produces a transaction outcome, on different channels: a popup inside the application’s interface for operators, e-mail messages, text messages, as well as other reports via integrated services. All types of reports may contain any authorization details, with the scoring being calculated by the scoring system or master data.

Risk Score

It is the ACFS® Fraud Prevention functionality which, through the use of an AI & ML module, enriches the monitoring with a predictive risk score for the current transaction.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

This module, through several Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, builds a predictive model for the risk associated with each transaction. Through the analysis of previous customer behaviour, the models increase the accuracy and the overall speed of the identification of anomalous transactions, both in regard to general risk behaviours and risk behaviours associated with specific payers. More than 100 variables are simultaneously taken into account, with as many associated predictive and adaptive models which automatically modify themselves to follow the evolution of fraudulent patterns and learn to anticipate both behaviours and risks. The quality of N&TS GROUP’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning application stands out thanks to the use of custom templates, tailored to each organization and its data in relation to what it previously transacted.


ACFS® Fraud Prevention RBA makes it possible to assign a Risk Score to each 3DS transaction in real time, which is used to determine the owner’s authentication mode, on a scale ranging from the absence of any authentication (frictionless transaction), two-factor authentication (SCA), to denied transaction (high risk).


The  ACFS® Fraud Prevention TRA functionality is available for the completion of exemption strategies. In accordance with the regulatory requirements under PDS2, it ensures exemptions are granted only if the spent/fraud ratio of the last two quarters is kept within set thresholds.

Spending Control

The ACFS® Fraud Prevention module of spending control is geared towards authorization and accounting. It performs spot checks on authorizations and transfers, providing the ability to monitor and/or limit expenses by product category, geographical position, etc. of each client. It also ensures accurate counting, with greater historical depth of the real spent/recorded amounts for each customer, for long-term marketability analysis and comparisons.

Trusted Beneficiaries Module

The ACFS® Fraud Prevention Trusted Beneficiaries module provides the features needed to make it easier for a holder to add a new trusted beneficiary. Therefore, it is designed to facilitate frictionless authentication methods for online payments, in compliance with the regulations for reliable beneficiaries provided by the PSD2 legislation.

Analysis and Monitoring

ACFS® Fraud Prevention offers configurable and dynamic dashboards to view data analysis geared towards both business and operations. The dashboards facilitate  the research and analyse of all data relating to all processed transactions,  all operations carried out in the system, all generated reports, all set or modified rules, all recorded events. They can also satisfy requests relating to the development of performance indicators in accordance with current regulations.

All the benefits of a flexible deployment model

Security and certifications

There is no innovation without security. N&TS GROUP has chosen to guarantee it at 360 degrees.

Data protection for clients and their users is at the heart of N&TS GROUP’s research and development systems. With this in mind, the certifications obtained in various fields are the most important guarantee of reliability, safety and compliance with global standards. This constant commitment has allowed N&TS GROUP to become protagonists in the digital revolution and to emerge in the markets of reference.

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