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N&TS GROUP  “Made in Italy” excellence in innovative payments

Annalisa Casali of in a conversation with Elena Cossio, CEO of N&TS GROUP, to understand how the Customer Experience is changing (si puo usare anche transforming)  in the payments sector and what are the most innovative trends that are reshaping the market scenario.

“Having a fluid and engaging user experience in the payment process is an increasingly important and fundamental factor. Because the consumer in 2023 no longer sees the difference between online and in store, between paper and smartphone, they utilize a service that must allow payment anywhere and in their preferred way. The shopping experience is increasingly emerging as a lever for customer engagement and loyalty…”

You can listen to the complete interview with Elena Cossio CEO N&TS GROUP on Digital Payments here:

Pagamenti innovativi: N&TS GROUP, l’eccellenza “Made in Italy” (