The future of online shopping is becoming increasingly more global. Our integrated online payment solution helps break down barriers by enabling expansion,  accelerating growth across multiple markets by improving conversion rates, minimizing fraud losses, and ensuring security and compliance.


State-of-the-art technology developed in-house
Excellency know-how in the e-money sector at the service of innovative solutions, all entirely developed in-house on JTMS-J TRANSACTION MONITOR SYSTEM®.

Ease of integration
Flexibility and agile integration via open APIs.

Scalability and modularity
Solid product logic, scalability, and modularity to meet each sector’s different needs.

Worldwide ready
One singular solution to accept worldwide payments.

Fraud and chargeback reduction
Monitor every payment to detect and prevent fraud before it affects your business through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.

Savings on merchant fees
Dynamic choice of the best acquirer, based on both economic and business logic.

High conversion thanks to improved UX
The superior quality of a simple, fast, and smooth payment experience to achieve business goals.

Security and certifications
Compliance with international ISO standards and reference regulations ensures efficient processes and utmost care in data management and security.

Functionality overview

IGFS-INTERNET GATEWAY FINANCIAL SYSTEMS®: a singular solution to accept payments worldwide  

IGFS® is the N&TS GROUP solution meant to manage online payments in the best possible manner according to your company’s business model, offering a full range of options to make it possible for your customers to choose the shopping experiences they prefer.

Multi acquiring and dynamic routing

Multi-acquiring and dynamic routing make it possible to define the routing of each individual transaction to the best acquirer, reducing commissions, increasing conversions, and ensuring fallback in case of unavailability of the financial partner.
The routing criteria, applicable in real time, are several: bin card, payment instruments, affiliation networks, geographical parameters, terminal ranges, sum totals, and other statistical criteria.

3DS Server

IGFS® 3DS Server makes it possible for customers to authenticate through the card issuer when they make international scheme card purchases. The additional security level helps preventing unauthorized transactions and protects the merchant from exposure to fraud.

Private and scheme tokenization

ACFS® Tokenization reduces fraud and data breach risk by replacing card numbers with a digital token, simplifying the payment’s user experience, and increasing the conversion rate.

One click buying

IGFS® One click buying is the feature which makes it possible to complete purchases in a smooth and quick manner without providing your payment method’s data, having already previously entered them.


IGFS® Wallet is the fast and effective payment securities registration tool, which provides management of preferred methods with one click payments and fallback strategies.

Pay by Link

IGFS® Pay by Link makes it possible for requests to be sent via links and QR codes, without the need for manual processing of credit card details or unsecured bank information. This ensures security with full PCI compliance and without card sensitive data being stored, along with a wide range of payment methods and currencies, authorization speeds and competitive exchange rates.

Buy Now Pay Later

IGFS® provides the new frontier of instalment payments, Buy Now Pay Later, a short-term financing thanks to which consumers can make purchases by paying them in instalments over following months. The main features concern the lack of interest rate and availability on e-commerce platforms.

Alternative Payment Methods online

IGFS® offers over 200 simplified alternative payment methods through all-in-one integration.

Recurring Payments

As a part of MTFS-MAIL ORDER TELEPHONE ORDER FINANCIAL SYSTEMS®, MTFS® Recurring Payments provides flexibility for customers to manage recurring payments through integrated card alignment capabilities.

Fraud Prevention

ACFS®  Fraud Prevention is the advanced real time fraud prevention solution, customizable based on clients’ needs, thanks to  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.


IGFS® provides plugins for the main e-commerce and CRM platforms, simplifying integration between sites and payment solutions.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting to analyze statistics, profile customers, and monitor performance, KPIs, and user experience. A useful tool for companies, to refine applied solutions, improve the quality of services offered, and determine what factors affect market trends.

All the benefits of a flexible deployment model

Security and certifications

There is no innovation without security. N&TS GROUP has chosen to guarantee it at 360 degrees.

Data protection for clients and their users is at the heart of N&TS GROUP’s research and development systems. With this in mind, the certifications obtained in various fields are the most important guarantee of reliability, safety and compliance with global standards. This constant commitment has allowed N&TS GROUP to become protagonists in the digital revolution and to emerge in the markets of reference.

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