Having a broad, responsible and concrete vision has allowed us to build a business model committed to making its contribution on the issues of environmental, social, economic and ethical sustainability. An awareness that for us represents a daily challenge, a belief system and a constant drive for change, for long-term growth in harmony with people and the planet.

Code of Ethics

N&TS GROUP’s vision is to establish itself as a technology partner of reference in electronic payment solutions. To achieve this goal, N&TS GROUP aims to offer innovative and secure solutions by adopting a corporate ethics that puts the principles of responsibility, honesty and integrity at the forefront, as well as personal and collective fulfilment.

The trust of its stakeholders, fueled by consistency of action, is the essential value that drives N&TS GROUP. The Code of Ethics defines the principles and criteria of conduct that we adopt to promote ethics and compliance within the electronic payments ecosystem.


The results of a company are not only measured in terms of business, but also in the ability to achieve concrete and measurable results in terms of sustainability. N&TS GROUP has decided to undertake this path by participating in the first ESG assessment. Behind the acronym ESG, the three fundamental dimensions Environmental, Social, and Governance are expressed, to verify, measure, control and support a company’s commitment in terms of sustainability.


N&TS GROUP promotes sustainability through the GO GREEN manifesto. A set of concrete initiatives that involve daily business life practices, through which we are committed to protecting the environment, making ourselves responsible for reducing our impact on the planet and supporting the circular economy:



  • use of sensor lights and LED lighting to encourage energy saving
  • use of electronic devices in eco-friendly mode
  • use of recycled paper


  • hardware recovery (also in its components such as Ram disks) to donate them to schools or associations
  • recycling special waste materials such as toner or electronic components


  • use of paper or wood cups and paddles in break areas
  • water fountains to limit plastic consumption
  • recycling

N&TS GROUP for social impact

N&TS GROUP puts forward its commitment in favor of social objectives, which all organizations are called to pursue in order to work together towards a more ethical and sustainable society.

We have always been partners of Unicef through annual campaigns dedicated to specific projects. Respecting and supporting the rights of children and adolescents means promoting fair development and investing in a long-term sustainable, healthy and well-educated society, where today’s children can become responsible consumers, workers and leaders of tomorrow.

N&TS GROUP supports AIRC to fund research, to transform laboratory results into concrete cures, helping to finance researchers and projects in the fight against cancer towards the immense goal of making cancer increasingly curable.