The future of the Petrol ecosystem witnesses the expansion of the services range through a customer journey which can combine digital payments in all areas of the station (outdoor, store, charging) with any available method (domestic and international cards, oil, wallets).


The vertical specificity of the Petrol sector involves different players and challenges for the construction of a user experience designed for the end consumer which is becoming increasingly wide and heterogeneous: the station becomes the place where to offer new services, in multiple areas, with different payment needs.

For Fuel retailers, the need for easy to release and manage solutions is growing, allowing for transactions to be easily monitored from all service stations, optimizing financial conditions thanks to overall volumes.
Knowing how to anticipate and respond to these challenges is the key utilised by industry players to attract new customers and retain them thanks to the ability to:

Offer a global solution that can handle local peculiarities.

Improve user experience with dedicated payment methods and channels such as kiosks, petrol pumps, mobile, and app payments.

Use of the collected data as a marketing tool to develop targeted campaigns based on buying habits.

N&TS GROUP helps industry companies meet these challenges with a complete payment solution which can be easily integrated into the Petrol ecosystem, simplifying complexity and minimising release time.


Our solutions create an easy, fast, and adaptable payment experience for the most diverse needs: payments at the gas station, instore purchases or electric car charging 


Simple and global payment gateway
Rapid expansion of online and mobile channels.

Superior payment experience
Real-time customer need satisfaction regardless of channel.

Innovation and time to market improvement
Accelerate innovations and reduce time to market to meet and exceed company expectations.

Flexibility, scalability, and modularity 
Flexibility and agile integration through open APIs, robust product logic, scalability, and modularity in response to the needs of the sector.

Full control of the payment solution
Independence in financial relations and customer loyalty initiatives.

Full compliance with  standards security and GDPR for data protection throughout the payment process.

Supplementary services

  • Multi-acquiring and dynamic routing
    The solution which makes it possible to define the routing of each individual transaction to the best acquirer, reducing commissions, increasing conversions, and ensuring fallback in case of unavailability of a financial partner. Different routing criteria are available, applicable in real time: card bin, payment instruments, membership schemes, geographical parameters, terminal ranges, amounts, and other statistical criteria.
  • Commission calculation
    The backoffice solution which makes it possible to predict the amount of fees, check the acquirer calculations, and evaluate set routing rules.
  • POS Asset Management
    The service dedicated to the management of all POS terminals on the market, which act as a focal point to ensure targeted supervision and interventions on the entire chain of in-store payments.
  • Fraud prevention
    The advanced real time fraud prevention solution is customizable based on customer needs, thanks to Machine Learning and AI.
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Reporting to analyse statistics, profile customers, and monitor performance, KPI, and user experience. A useful tool for companies, to refine applied solutions, improve the quality of services offered, and determine what factors affect market trends.

Solution overview

Security and certifications

There is no innovation without security. N&TS GROUP has chosen to guarantee it at 360 degrees.

Data protection for clients and their users is at the heart of N&TS GROUP’s research and development systems. With this in mind, the certifications obtained in various fields are the most important guarantee of reliability, safety and compliance with global standards. This constant commitment has allowed N&TS GROUP to become protagonists in the digital revolution and to emerge in the markets of reference.

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