Enabling Payment

Any Country. Any Channel. Any Payment.

N&TS GROUP’s mission is to offer digital payment solutions that represent the state of the art of e-money.
Actively participating in the digital revolution of the payments ecosystem thanks to innovative, modular, flexible solutions of true excellence, characterized by time to market and cutting-edge technology that knows how to foresee and respond to market needs.

Main Sectors

N&TS GROUP has developed skills and expertise to guide and manage the electronic money needs of all key industries in our country.
In fact, N&TS GROUP solutions have always been present across the Finance and Enterprise markets in a product logic tailored to the specific needs of industry verticals.

Financial Institutions and Insurance use them to provide innovative payment services.

The Enterprise world, from Retail to Luxury, from Telco & Media to Utilities, all the way through Transport, Travel & Tourism, chooses N&TS GROUP technology to manage electronic payments and cash revenues independently and in an omnichannel approach.

Security and certifications

There is no innovation without security. N&TS GROUP has chosen to guarantee it at 360 degrees.

Data protection for clients and their users is at the heart of N&TS GROUP’s research and development systems. With this in mind, the certifications obtained in various fields are the most important guarantee of reliability, safety and compliance with global standards. This constant commitment has allowed N&TS GROUP to become protagonists in the digital revolution and to emerge in the markets of reference.


Follow the events where N&TS GROUP is participating and catch up on the latest news about digital payments innovation.


Final conference of the Innovative Payments Observatory

On March 7th 2023, we will be expecting you at the Politecnico di Milano to share perspectives on the future of payments.


Club Italia and the digitization of mobility

We look forward to seeing you on February 9th at the Roma Eventi Congress Center to talk about Mobility digitilization


The thousand forms of new payments

From invisible cards to smart POS. At the Salone dei Pagamenti the technology of money transfers, between virtual devices and old systems, is already covered by future innovation. The protagonists of this epochal transition are partaking in a very engaging exchange.


Salone dei pagamenti

On the 23rd and 24th we are waiting for you at our stand for an aperitif at the end of the day!