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2021 N&TS GROUP for Unicef

This year N&TS GROUP has chosen to wish you Happy Holidays in a special way, supporting UNICEF and Covax Campaign.

This year N&TS GROUP has chosen to wish Happy Holidays in a special way by supporting UNICEF, which has been working for 75 years around the world to ensure the survival, protection and development of children.

A global response is underway to support low-and middle-income countries in controlling the spread of COVID-19 and making vaccines equitably available. UNICEF, being the world’s largest and leading purchaser and distributor of vaccines, is actively working in this direction. To date, UNICEF and its partners have distributed 39.5 million doses of vaccine in 113 countries and territories.

Thanks to the N&TS GROUP contribution 4.600 doses of vaccine against COVID-19 will be provided in low-and middle-income countries.

N&TS GROUP with its contribution play a key role in this fight against COVID-19, because no one, especially no child, will be safe until everyone is safe.

This gift, also dedicated to you, is a special help that will change the future of children in many countries.