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Updated Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms and Conditions of Use for the Website

Discover recent transformations on our institutional website through the updated Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms and Conditions of Use. Delve into the changes we have implemented to ensure greater clarity, security, and transparency in our users' experience.

We are pleased to announce significant updates to our foundational elements here at Our commitment to ensuring your security and positive experience on our site has driven us to make substantial changes to our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms and Conditions of Use. We aim to keep you consistently informed about how we collect, use, and protect your data, along with providing clarity on how cookies are employed and defining the rules that govern your usage of our site.

Privacy Policy: Our revised Privacy Policy reflects our dedication to safeguarding your privacy and personal data. We have clarified the information we gather, how we use it, and with whom we share it. We invite you to carefully read the new Privacy Policy to gain a better understanding of your rights and the measures we have taken to ensure your data’s security.

Cookie Policy: Our updated Cookie Policy elucidates in detail how we utilize cookies to enhance your experience on our site. Cookies play a pivotal role in making your navigation more efficient, and we have now made the types of cookies we use and the reasons behind their use even clearer. Your acceptance of cookies is crucial to us, and we want you to be fully aware of how they are employed.

Terms and Conditions of Use: We have reviewed and updated our Terms and Conditions of Use to reflect the latest regulations and to enhance the transparency of your experience with us. Understanding your responsibilities and our commitments while interacting with our site is paramount. We encourage you to thoroughly read the new Terms and Conditions of Use.

Your trust is of paramount importance to us, and we are continuously striving to enhance your experience on our site. These updates reflect our commitment to providing you with clear and comprehensible information on how we manage your data and how you can interact with our site.