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22 june 2022

Mastercard Innovation Forum

N&TS GROUP is taking part in the Mastercard Innovation Forum, the annual event dedicated to future and technology.

14 june 2022

N&TS GROUP S.p.A company event

The N&TS GROUP team – which includes 90 staff members in the Milan, Rome, Turin, and Cagliari offices – met in-person after 2 years, at the Royal Garden in Assago.

10 june 2022

N&TS GROUP first company in Italy to implement Click to Pay (Mastercard)

N&TS GROUP, a pioneer in technological innovation is the first company in Italy to integrate the Mastercard Click to Pay solution.

07 june 2022

Retail Forum Executive Summit / 40 CEO & CFO + Best CEO award ceremony

N&TS GROUP opened the 22nd Retail Forum as an endorser, with a speech by CEO Elena Cossio and the participation of CMO Laura Caputo as moderator of the round table and subsequent interactive tables.

18-19 maggio 2022

Club Italia / The digital transformation of public transport and Rome’s Maas

N&TS GROUP is taking part in the Club Italia event dedicated to the digital transformation of transport, and the “Digitalization and Maas: a virtuous union for mobility” conference in the Campidoglio, on the themes of innovation and customer journey.

3-4 maggio 2022

Netcomm Forum

N&TS GROUP is taking part in the Netcomm Forum, the key event of the Italian digital world.

13 march 2022

Alipay+ in San Marino thanks to BKN301

Thanks to BKN301, starting from today, San Marino is among the first countries in Europe where it is possible to use Alipay+.

20 january 2022

N&TS and digital payment innovative solutions

Elena Cossio, CEO and Co-founder, N&TS GROUP, said that: “Both the challenge and the value lie in offering companies a solution which can make them digital and smart, thanks to a management that, while guaranteeing complete safety, also provides a simple and appealing user experience for the end user.

17 january 2022

APSP Webinar / Innovative digital payment solutions

“The digital transformation of electronic payments is not just a technology, but a new way of being and thinking which changes relationship models between companies and their customers...”

13 january 2022

N&TS GROUP obtains the PagoBANCOMAT Transit certification

Within the Transport and Smart Mobility sectors, N&TS GROUP offers frictionless payments capabilities with domestic debit cards as well, thanks to the Transit certification obtained from PagoBANCOMAT.

20 december 2021

N&TS GROUP obtains the Visa Ready for Transit certification

Visa recognised the compliance of the ACFS® Gateway Transit solution to security standards, certifying it as Visa Ready for Transit.

19 december 2021

2021 N&TS GROUP for Unicef

This year N&TS GROUP has chosen to wish you Happy Holidays in a special way, supporting UNICEF and Covax Campaign.

11-12 novembre 2021

Club Italia Maas Event

N&TS GROUP participates in the Club Italia Maas event. The session’s theme was “The technologies, the organization, the resources, the institutional relationships between supply and demand needed to address the MaaS: the stakeholders’ opinions”.

3-4-5 novembre 2021

Salone dei pagamenti

N&TS GROUP is taking part in the Salone dei pagamenti. The aim of the event is to spread information and knowledge regarding continuous and rapid evolution of the payments world through multiple discussion periods with the sector’s leading figures.

25 ottobre 2021

Italian excellence in e-payment services

N&TS GROUP’s vision as a leader in electronic payments / Il Sole 24 ORE National edition “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – Excellent Companies”

19 december 2020

2020 N&TS GROUP for Unicef

This year N&TS GROUP has chosen to wish you Happy Holidays in a special way, supporting UNICEF: it has transformed its corporate gifts into concrete aid that will allow you to buy books and notebooks for children.